Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Bush Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

President Bush made a good PR move today! Its been awhile since I could say that with confidence. The Prez made an unannounced visit to Afghanistan to meet with the leaders of that nation and also some of the US troops that are still over there. Bush held a small press conference with President Karzai and fielded some questions. Here is what he said when asked about Bin Laden from My Way News:
Asked about the search for Bin Laden, and the president's long-ago call for getting him "dead or alive," Bush said the seach for Bin Laden and his associates continues.

"I am confident he will be brought to justice," Bush said. "We've got U.S. forces on the hunt not only for Bin Laden but anybody who plots and plans with Bin Laden. There are Afghan forces on the hunt...We've got Pakistan forces on the hunt."

Following that the President had lunch with Afghan leaders and talked policy. Then he went to speak with some US troops:
Before leaving Afghanistan, Bush gave a pep talk to U.S. troops at the air base where he landed and departed.
Speaking to about 500 soldiers in a huge recreational tent, Bush expressed resolve at the U.S. mission here.
"I assure you this government of yours will not blink, we will not yield. The United States is not cut and run," Bush said to enthusiastic cheers and applause.

This was a good move for the President as he heads to Asia to meet with leaders of India and Pakistan. He needs to continue these types of things, maybe even stop by Baghdad on his way back to raise morale and symbolically prove that he feels safe enough to go to Iraq instead of just talk about how good things are there. The last 2 weeks have been a disaster for him politically, so anything he can do at this point that might help his poll numbers has my complete endorsement.


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