Wednesday, March 08, 2006

DeLay Gets Last Laugh

In a story that will surely make Democrats completely freak out, Rep. Tom DeLay won the GOP primary in his district yesterday. The Dems absolutely hate DeLay, so much so that I have heard there is a movie coming out soon about him to try and persuade his constituents to boot him from office. Well, DeLay is now one step closer to remaining in Congress.
The Associated Press projected Delay the winner of the GOP primary in the 22nd District, centered in the southeastern Houston suburbs.
The former House majority leader was carrying 64 percent of the vote against three GOP challengers, according to the Texas Secretary of State's Office. The total includes results from early voting, as well as reports from about 14 percent of the precincts.

I cant wait to see if Delay gets re-elected in November. I think he will, but you can bet its going to be one nasty election. Gotta love it.

Source CNN



James Price said...

Yes, Tom Delay won a "party" primary against three unknown republican canidates....that IS impressive. If he does get elected to house again, a race he is currently losing in both the polls and amount of money raised (unheard of for an incumbent), it will not anger democrats but confirm suspicions that right wing will sell their souls for a seat in congress. Anybody who calls Jesus their savior and votes for someone who accepts funds from the likes of Jack Abramoff needs to go back and read or reread the bible. Tom, just another power whore who makes Texas look bad, even those in his own district have set up a website pleading with people not to blame them!

check it out:

The Transprogressive Pragmatist said...

Tom Delay backs out of the election....ouch...