Thursday, March 16, 2006

Is There Still a 1st Amendment?

In probably the most pathetic story of the week (well maybe tied with the Russ Feingold hoop-la), an editor of a college newspaper in Illinois, named Acton Gordon, has been fired after he chose to publish the now infamous cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that triggered rage across the Muslim world. IT WAS A FREAKIN CARTOON PEOPLE! Now, I cant believe a guy would get fired for this, isnt that why we have freedom of speech and of the press? He should be able to print whatever he wants as the editor, now it doesnt mean people have to buy it or read it, however he should be able to publish it. The whole situation has just been blown out of proportion, and this proves that thesis. Here's the story from CNN:
The Illini Media Co. board of directors, which comprises students and faculty, voted unanimously to fire the editor after a review "found the Gorton violated Daily Illini policies about thoughtful discussion of and preparation for the publication of inflammatory material," according to a statement.

What a bunch of crap. Here is the response from Mr. Gordon:
"If I can be fired, what will other students think who maybe want to challenge the status quo?" said Gorton, who had briefly addressed a board meeting the previous night. "This is a bad precident."

Damn right. Evidentally the editor of the opinion page was suspended, and then declined to be reinstated, which is awesome. He hit the nail on the head saying:
"We had a news story on our hands, with violence erupting about imagery, but you cant show it because of a taboo, because of a taboo thats not a Western taboo but a Muslim taboo?" he said. "Thats a blow to journalism."

I dont know what these educators over at this school think they are doing, certainly not their job. Aren't college campus's supposed to be a place where young people challenge ideas? I guess the media can show people getting blown up in Iraq on a daily basis, but showing cartoons about Mohammad is against the rules. What is happening to this country?


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