Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pre-emption Rules

Today, the Bush Administration reaffirmed its foreign policy in a 49-page national security report. The only parts that the media is reporting about this report is the fact it names Iran as the US's biggest threat (huge surprise), and also that it says the US will continue to use pre-empitive war as a way to combat terrorism. Many people in this country feel that the US should never use pre-emption, that we should only use force when it is used against us. That is extremely dangerous. Why should we have to wait around for an attack to materialize before we take action. We have the best military in the world for a reason, and that reason isnt to let it collect dust while terrorists plot and plan to kill thousands of American civilians.

Had the Clinton Administration used significant military force against the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in the 1990's we most likely wouldnt be in the position we are today. We cannot be afraid to use force when the occasion warrents, like in Iraq. Saddam Hussein had to go, and we were the only ones who had the will to do it. The rest of the world either didnt care or they were profiting off of Saddam financially, i.e. the French. Now, the enemy's of American realize we have a president who will not be afraid of physical confrontation, if all else fails of course. Osama Bin Laden had no idea of the ramification of his actions on 9/11. I fully realize we havent captured him, however his life certainly is much more difficult as a result of George W. Bush's war on terrorism. Saddam Hussein knows Bush's policy better than just about anybody, because today he is sitting in a jail cell instead of a billion dollar palace while torturing his innocent subjects.

Anti-war kooks cannot allow our government to get rid of pre-emption, if they do we are no better off than Western Europe in the late 1930's. Like Bush says, we must stay on the offensive in this war, or we will be sitting ducks, just like we were on the morning of September 11th. We are no longer the "sleeping giant" like we were prior to Pearl Harbor. We are now a pissed off giant who will and should do everything possible to protect itself. The moment we go back to sleep and capitulate to the threats out there, is the day when we will once again have to awaken to American's bleeding in the streets and jumping to their deaths as the building they work in burns to the point of collapse. We should not accept that as the most power nation in the history of the world. So I say, keep up the good work George W. Bush, and dont let a liberal media and low poll numbers prevent you from doing what you know is right.


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