Wednesday, March 29, 2006


President Bush is becoming increasing frustrated with the lack of a functional Iraqi Government more than 3 months after the December 15th election, and rightly so. I fully understand the difficulty to putting together a Democratic government, however, the Iraqi's seem to be letting simple religious differences from allowing them to more forward politically. They need to learn to settle problems diplomatically through government, rather than simply blowing up their counterparts. Political Analyst Dick Morris says that the sectarian violence in Iraq is just their way of negotiating. I actually agree with that a little, but they have to get beyond all that and form their government the right way, and quickly because the American people are continuously losing patience.
"I want the Iraqi people to hear Ive got great confidence in their capacity to self-govern," Bush said. "I also want the Iraqi people to hear - its about time to get a unity government going."
"In other words, Americans understant you're newcomers to the political arena. But pretty soon its time to shut her down and get governing."

Exactly. Bush has to keep the pressure on the Iraqi's to make progress. I also still think they can do, they just better do it soon. [source AP]

Perhaps in the most bizarre story of the day, Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia Mckinney appearently punched a Capitol policeman after he mistakenly confronted her for not passing through a medal detector.
The officer called out, "Ma'am, Ma'am," and walked after her in an attempt to stop her. When he caught Mckinney, he grabbed her by the arm.
Witnesses say Mckinney pulled her arm away, and with her cell phone in hand, punched the officer in the chest.

The cop even said he was going to press charges against Ms. Mckinney, however no such charges have been filed as of now. Of course Mckinney released a statement saying that she was the victim saying that the officer basically harassed her. Im just happy the guy is aggressive in his job, and was willing to track down someone he thought didnt go through the proper procedure in order to keep the Capitol safe. Better safe than sorry, right Rep. Mckinney? [source 11alive]

Its about time that Major League Baseball is going to investigate Barry Bonds and his steriods. Its just a shame it took a new book to jump start the process. The book appearently proves that Bonds took steriods, even though its pretty obvious he's guilty by simply looking at the guy. I have nothing personal against Bonds, I just think he took steriods. There is no doubt in my mind. Former U.S Senate majority leader George Mitchell will lead the investigation.
From my research, it seems that even if Bonds is found guilty of using steroids, the fact that he did so more than 6 years ago may exempt him from any punishment by the MLB:
No matter what the findings of an investigation, it would be difficult for baseball to penalize anyone for steroids used priot to Sept. 30, 2002, when a joint drug agreement between management and the players' association took effect. Baseball began drug testing in 2003 and started testing with penalties the following year.

Honestly at this point I dont care if Bonds is physically punished when found guilty, I just want his records to be thrown out because he cheated. Thats all I care about. [source espn]

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