Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Vermont Votes to Impeach Bush

Here's an idea, lets try to impeach the president during wartime...good thinkin moron's. Ill let the article explain this nonsense to you:
In a white-clapboard town hall, circa 1832, voters gathered Tuesday to conduct their community's business and to call for the impeachment of President Bush.
"In the U.S. presently there are only a few places where citizens can act in the fashion and have a say in our nation," said the select board member Dan DeWalt, who drafted the impeachment article that was placed on the warning--or official agenda--for the annual town meeting, a proud Yankee tradition in New England.
"It absolutely affects us locally," Dewalt said. "Its our sons and daughters, our mothers and fathers, who are dying in the war in Iraq."
The article, approved 121-29 in balloting by paper, calls on Vermont's lone member of the House, independent Rep. Bernie Sanders, to file articles of impeachment against the president, alleging the Bush misled the nation into the Iraq war and engaged in illegal domestic spying.

This made me laugh:
Greg Record, a justice of the peace, said in an interview after the meeting that the town is made up of people from the "far-left," and he criticized the amount of time and attention such advisory votes get.

Way to be observant Greg. But seriously, things must be pretty boring in Vermont if these people are going to draft articles of impeachment against the president. Do they honestly have nothing better to do with their time? This from a state where they allowed a Judge to sentence a child rapist to 6 months in jail. Its obvious these people arent too bright considering they want to try to impeach Bush with both houses controlled by Republicans. If Bush gets impeached as a result of this little get together, I will personally vote for Hillary Clinton in 2008. Then seriously consider suicide.



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Scott said...

Interesting, you feel that the fine people of Vermont are not allowed to participate in democracy.

It's almost like you're advocating...fascism?