Thursday, March 02, 2006


Ok this is absolutely unbelievable. A 10th grade kid in Denver got his teacher on tape going ballistic about all things political. Among others, this teacher, whose name is Jay Bennish by the way, says the United States is the single most violent country on earth, says there are "eerie similaties between George W. Bush and Adolph Hitler," proves to be anti-semetic by blaming the Isralies for most problems in the Middle East, and most disturbing he actually justifies 9/11 in the eyes of the hijackers. I am so glad this tape came out, because not only will it hopefully ruin this guys career, but it shows plain as day the truth behind how liberals in the country view the world today. If there could be a Liberal Convention, this is a speech that their candidate would give. It goes through all the points, and shows just how crazy their positions are. The tape is alittle over 20 minutes long, but it is well worth to hear this quack go off. I hope they fire this jerk, even thought I realize if they do he will become a martyre for the far left and probably will get a book deal and a movie contract or something...but so be it.

Here is the link to the tape



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Jim P said...

I don't think he will be a martyr for the left. This guy is not just left, he is extremely left. He makes maybe one logical point out of ten. Ted Kennedy is about 20 degrees to the right of this radical.