Monday, March 13, 2006

The Most Dangerous Man in Ohio

In my opinion, Ohio Judge John Conner is the most dangerous man in the state right now. Recently, he sentenced a convicted child rapist to ZERO jail time. Instead, this preditor is currently sitting in his home under house arrest. The man was convicted of forcing 2 boys, ages 5 and 12, to partake in oral and anal sex. This is an absolute outrage. As a citizen of Ohio, I cannot allow this man to sit on the bench as he is obviously incompetent. Want more proof? In 2004, Judge Conner had his law license suspended for six months because he was convicted of drunk driving for the second time in five years! Evidentally, Conner has over a half-dozen DUI's in his past.
Another sad part about this story is the lack of media coverage it is getting within the state. I had to hear about this through a national media outlet. So if the major media wont do its job, it is up to us to act accordingly. In doing so, I have contacted and will continue to contact people who can get to the bottom of this story, get it out to the public, and hopefully get this jerk removed from the bench. I still dont know all the details, but I assure you I will report them as soon as they are available. Stay Tuned.


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