Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Loonies Gather for Anti-War Concert

Your typical cast of characters were among the big names to head up the "Bring 'Em Home Now" concert last night in NYC. Michael Stipe, Susan Surandon, Chuck D, Margerat Cho, Moby and others tried to raise money for anti-war campaigns. Cindy Sheehan also was there to do her typical ranting about the war and President Bush. Evidentally only 3,000 tickets were sold and the proceeds were to be given to groups like Gold Star Families for Peace (Sheehan's orgainzation), and Veterens Against the War. Here are some quotes from the concert courtesy of Michelle Malkin:
Margaret Cho on Brokeback Mountain: (paraphrasing) " Brokeback Mountain makes Christians so mad they could spit. Christians have to learn to swallow it, swallow it. If you spit, you taste it twice..."

Aint she great?
Here is a wrap of what Sheehan had to say:
...[S]he began with the same old by insisting that Bush "lied" to us about Saddam's WMD's. Then things got interesting: she acknowledged that 9/11 was a "criminal act." and said we should have treated it like a criminal act and not gone and invaded "two innocent countries." She sais Bush's motto has become, "We have to kill more people because I've already killed so many." Then she said that a certain right-wing journalist "from Fox News" (loud boos) had asked her earlier that day about Casey's tombston, and thta she had two responses to that: (a) its none of your business, and (b) there are people lying in swamps in America's gulf states (because of Katrina) who will never have tombstones, there are people who died on 9/11 who will never have tombstones -- "all because of George Bush."

She's a complete idiot.

Source ABC News


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