Thursday, March 09, 2006

World Baseball Classic a Bust for U.S.?

First the USA basketball team loses a few games last year and doesnt win gold, now the USA baseball teams is on the verge of being eliminated in the World Baseball Classic after an 8-6 lose to Canada of all teams. Let me just say that if the USA does not win this thing, it is a complete disgrace. I mean they lost to the Canadians whose players combined had a salary of more that $60 million dollars less than the Americans in 2005. Maybe you can blame it on the fact that the Americans are rusty after the long off season, maybe starting Dontrelle Willis was a mistake, or maybe they are just a bunch of overpaid schmucks, you make the call. The fate of the US now relies on the game between Mexico and Canada. The way this thing works is very confusing, so here is how explains it:
The United States (1-1) must beat South Africa on Friday, when 43-year-old Roger Clemens starts for the Americans, or have Mexico lose one of its remaining games to stay alive in the 16-nation tournament.
If Mexico, Canada and the United States finish 2-1, the tie would be broken by fewest runs allowed per inning in competition involving only those three teams. In that case, the United States would advance if Mexico scores at least three runs against Canada on Thursday.

Basically the US must beat South Africa and hope that Mexico does not beat Canada by a score of 3-0 or less. Make sense? I didnt think so. :)
Anyway you cut it, this has already been an embarassment for the United States, but if we get eliminated from a world tournament that involves our national past-time, it will be utter humiliation.


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