Thursday, March 09, 2006

What...No Civil War?

Remember about 2 weeks ago when the press was abuzz with rumors of a civil war in Iraq? I sure was almost like they were hoping for it. Now before you accuse me of saying that the press and Democrats want an Iraqi Civil war, for the record, I dont think they all do. However, I do believe that some liberals and members of the media do want an all out civil conflict to break out just to rub it in Bush's face. Id never put it past those types of people. Luckily for all of us, the civil war never broke out, and the press seems to have dropped the whole matter. But what happened there that stopped the impending violence? The answer is quite simple; the Iraqis were constructive and they were able to stop the thing before it happened. Sure, it took a few calls from President Bush to each of the religious sects to get their butts in gear, but the fact is that it worked. The Iraqi Police and military did a very good job of keeping the country held together under curfews and the constant threat of violence. Many people did die during the short struggle, but countless lives were saved by the crucial steps taken by the unified Iraqi's. Even the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Peter Pace, complimented the Iraqi military and police forces for their work during those troubling time. The mainstream press is much less willing to explain or report the peace now that the conflict seems to have died. And today, Sen. Robert Byrd, a Democrat from West Virginia, harassed Don Rumsfeld about the civil war while the Sec. of Defense was there asking for more money to fund the troops. This just shows that while people in this country obsess over a civil war, the Iraqi's are working hard to ensure everyone that it wont happen. I know that might be disappointing to people like Sen. Byrd, the mainstream press, and some liberals, but sooner of later you will have to acknowledge the progress being made in Iraq...right?



The Transprogressive Pragmatist said...

I have been for success in the war the entire time and i in fact agreed with John McCain that we should have had and still should have more troops there then we do. But this has shaken American confidence in the possibility for free and democratic Iraq. And remember the level of violence in Iraq is higher than it has ever been. I am opptomistic that things can work out, but you must admit that this administration has done a piss poor job mananging the conflict

Scott said...

Looking beyond the fact that this administration has blundered continuously in the Iraq war, think it's incredibly naive to think there is no longer a possibility for a civil war. Jim was correct when he pointed out that the violence in Iraq has been coming at higher levels recently than ever before.

I don't feel I'm under any obligation to acknowledge any "progress" in Iraq because, simply, I did not and do not support the war. Furthermore, were I forced to make an argument, I would argue against progress being made in Iraq. While the Kurds may be happy that Saddam is gone, there is no cohesion amongst the population as whole in the forseeable future, it seems.