Saturday, March 11, 2006

Headlines this Weekend

Here are some top news stories of the weekend:

Former Yugoslovian leader Slobodon Milosevic found dead in his jail cell [Source]
American hostage Tom Fox tortured and killed by terrorists in Iraq [Source]
Rain expected in Phoenix today after record 143 days without any precip [Source]
The Dixie Chicks plan to release album with record bashing President Bush [source]
Jordan executes two terrorists convicted of killing American in 2002 [source]
Anti-Bush teacher Jay Bennish back in the classroom following suspension [source]
USA beats South Africa 17-0 in third game of World Baseball Classic; USA advances [source]
2008 GOP hopefulls gather in Tennessee to discuss issues and '06 election [source]
Former advisor to Pres. Bush Claude Allen arrested on theft charges [source]


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