Friday, February 24, 2006

UAE Deal Delayed

The deal that would let an Arab company use and take control of 6 major US ports has now been voluntarily delayed by the company, which is based in the United Arab Emirates. This deal has caused tons of outrage all over the country because many see this as us now 'outsourcing' the security of our ports. I personally have no problem at all with this deal. As long as I know that the government has checked this country out and is absolutely sure this does not threaten our security, then I say bring it on. Thus far, President Bush has been the face on the dart board so to speak. All the fingerpointing has been focused on him because many dont understand how this warrior against terrorism could let a foreign country control our ports. Well, Bush got this one right, and all the opponents of this will be hurt if they continue to disagree with this deal simply because the country that bought it is Arab. Since 9/11, the UAE has been one of our greatest allies against terrorism. I understand that prior to then they were involved in some shady activities, but since they have changed and thats what I care about. We need to reward these nations for helping us in the war on terror, especially when that country is an Arab one. It is imperative for us to get these people to trust us, so what kind of message is Hillary Clinton sending when she says that we should never allow a foreign nation to control our ports? Doesnt the Senator realize that the UAE bought this company from the British? It wasnt even ours to begin with, so its obvious she is against this because they are Arabs. And why isnt Al Gore praising this? He goes to the Middle East to give speeches on how the Bush Administration tortures and illegally treats Arabs, yet now when Bush rewards them, Gore is silent. Republicans need to get united behind this because this could kill Democrats if used to a political advantage. This makes the party of people look like the party of everyone except Arabs. Bill Clinton himself was in Dubai (the capital of the UAE) in December, and he had only the best things to say about the country. The UAE is a friend of the United States, and the proof is in the pudding. We need to show solidarity with our Arab friends if we want to show them that we appreciate what they are doing for the cause. We only have a couple of allies throughout the Middle East, and that wont change unless we are willing to work with the people over there who have proven they are worthy of our praise.


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