Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Liberal Media Mad About Nothing

Im sure by now most of you know what VP Dick Cheney's little accident over the weekend where he accidentally shot his friend while quail hunting (if not read below). Now the elite, liberal media in this country does not care about the fact that a man was shot, all they care about is that they were not told about it immediately. White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan has been getting just chewed up by reporters everyday because they want to know why the VP is being so secretive about the situation. Now the whole thing is being blown way out of proportion with people saying that this just shows how the Bush Adminstration hides things from the American people and blah blah know the drill. Here's my question, why does the elite media in this country insist on becoming the story instead of reporting it? This story has no other implications than the fact that the VP of the United States accidentally shot someone while hunting...thats it. This does not effect any other person in the country besides Dick Cheney and the other man involved, but the media would have you believe this is some conspiracy that proves Cheney is evil and hides everything from the public. The way this is being portrayed is that Cheney shot the guy and didnt tell anyone for weeks until someone uncovered it without his permission and then broke the story, which is contrary to the truth. Dick shot the guy Saturday evening and the story was in a local Texas newspaper by Sunday Morning, some conspiracy.
I just wish the media would get back to doing their job by reporting ACTUAL news instead of doing crap like this just to forward their own obvious political agenda. Its no secret that the press does not like Cheney, and the recent fireworks over this non-story prove that point. Just watch CNN and sit there while Wolf Blitzer beats this story to death for hours. The media wont cover the fact that Al Gore is making anit-American comments in Saudi Arabia, or that the Arab World is exploding over a couple of cartoons, no, they lead their newscasts and headline their papers with the fact that Dick Cheney did not talk to the media immediately after his accident. Granted, I do wish the VP would have been more forthcoming right after this whole thing happened, and I still think he should say something publically, but that is where the story ends.


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Scott said...

I don't understand how being angry with the VP over neglecting to divulge that he shot a guy (in the face no less-and the guy had a heart attack because of being shot) is indicative of a crazy liberal media pursuing their own agenda.

The press hates this administration because they A) lie B) don't say much other than those lies C) treat them with utter contempt.

Did I mention that this administration lies?

Also, I'd like to point out that quail are like 8 inches long. Theoretically, you'd be aiming for something that EIGHT INCHES LONG. How trigger happy would Cheney have to be in order to turn quickly and pull the trigger without even looking at what the hell he's now aiming at. I don't know anything about hunting, but I'd like to think that if I was forced to hunt I'd make sure I knew what the hell I was aiming at.

Some of my (democrat) friends are defending the VP in all of this. "It happens..." they say, in regards to hunting accidents.

What if Cheney had been the one who accidentally got shot in the face? Would that give the "liberal" media the go-ahead to berate McClellan?