Sunday, February 12, 2006

Military Action in Iran?

I really dont know what the Iranian Government is thinking. Every other day, Iranian President Ahmadinejad (easy for me to say), keeps saying things like the Holocaust never happened, or that Israel needs to be wipped off the planet. Now, just saying stupid things like that is bad enough, but now these people are snubbing their noses at the world community and attempting to develop nuclear weapons. The United States, obviously concerned with this, has been working with its "allies" to get a peaceful and democratic solution to this problem which is quickly getting out of control. As usual, all that most Government officials are saying is that right now they are fully dedicated to getting a peaceful solution to this problem, however I have been reading that the Pentagon has been secretly making war plans to take out these Iranian nuke sites if diplomacy fails. Iran is a very complex situation, even more so than Iraq. I dont invision any type of full scale invasion of Iran, only a massive attack with American and maybe even Israeli airpower that would completely cripple Irans nuclear program.
Right now, I dont think I support military action against Iran. I hope that we still have enough time to show American superiority and deter Ahmadinejad who is becoming a growing cancer throughout the world. But we cannot allow this man to have any nuclear capabilities whatsoever. He is the most dangerous person in the world right now hands down. Between him, Huge Chavez of Venezuela, and Kim Jong Ill of North Korea I almost see a resemblence of the Axis Powers of World War II. Just like with Iraq, we cannot expect anyone else in the world to actually do the dirty work if it comes down to it. France wont do it, Germany wont, and the Russians and Chinese are friends with the Iranians, so once again we will be on our own to do the right thing. Col. David Hunt who is a Fox News Analyst said that he believes we will see some sort of military action against Iran within the next six months. I disagree with him and hope it does not come to that. But if relations between Iran and the West continue to deteriorate and they go ahead with their nuclear program then we wont have a choice. A nuclear power that is content on distroying Israel with a leader who is obviously dillusional is unacceptable and their day will come when they will feel the wrath of the United States Military.

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