Sunday, February 19, 2006

Poll: Dewine up 9 over Sherrod Brown

A new Rasumssen poll shows Senator Mike Dewine growing his advantage over Democratic Challenger Rep. Sherrod Brown after fellow Democrat Paul Hackett droped out of the race.
Following Hacketts withdrawl, Republican Senator Mike Dewine has gained ground in his campaign for re-election. Dewine now leads Democratic Congressman Sherrod Brown by nine percentage points, 46% to 37%.
The poll also shows that Sherrod Brown has lost 8 points in Democratic support in the last month. I honestly am not sure what accounts for that sharp drop, although the way Hackett was forced from the race by his own party probably has something to do with it. The poll also says that a majority of Ohioans think that Dewine will be re-elected.
54% of Ohio voters believe Dewine will be re-elected while 29% expect Brown to defeat the incumbant. Republicans overwhelmingly expect a Dewine victory while Democrats are evenly divided.



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