Saturday, February 11, 2006

Inaugural Post...

Whats up Everyone? I finally got a blog up and running. My website is so make sure you check that out. I will update this thing as much as I possiblly can. I will mostly discuss my view of politics and whats going on in this crazy world of ours, but dont think I wont throw my 2 cents in when it comes to pop culture or any other issue that mighit arise. Those of you who know me can verify that I am pretty opinionated and that I have never been afraid to speak my mind. Tell everyone you know to check this out, even if you know they wont agree with me because I dont want this to be a partisan thing, I want it to be informative, fun, and intelligent. Alrights its getting late so Im gonna be getting to bed, goodnight. -Brad

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Anonymous said...

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