Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Stupid Celebrities

When it comes to making rediculous and irrelivant political statements, Hollywood is usually far ahead of the supply curve. This week proved to be no exception when 3 celebs spouted off at the mouth saying just straight up dumb stuff. First was Bryant Gumble, who said during Olympic coverage that the the Turino games are so white that they look like a Republican convention--real funny Gumbie. Keep in mind if a white guy said something similar all hell would have broken loose. Next we come to Richard Doofus--I mean Dreyfus who said during a speech this week that no one should give up the fight of getting President Bush impeached. He went on to say that he realized that ousting the President is probably impossible, but not to give up the fight nonetheless. And lastly we come to Alec Baldwin. This guy is a liberal nutjob to say the least. In 2000, he said that if George W. Bush won he would leave the country, well Bush did win, twice, but Baldwin is still here. I say since Bush won twice we should send Alec to Mars or something, but thats just me. Anyways, Baldwin posted some comments this week on a saying the follwing:
"[Dick] Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately. Who ever thought Harry Whittington would be the answer the America's prayers. Finally, someone who might get that lying, thieving into a courtroom to answer some direct questions."
Baldwin is correct by saying that Cheney terrorizes our enemies abroad, and Im correct by saying that Alec and his friends help our enemies abroad. Baldwin is just one of many celebrities who have completely lost their minds and who continue to run their mouths and aid our enemies while making us all less safe. If any of you hear about comments like these made by famous people, please e-mail them to me at because I want to know. The major media wont cover stories like these, mostly because the majority of the journalists agree with these people, so unfortunetaly its up to the rest of us to hold these people accountable, and we will.


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