Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hackett Drops Out of Senate Race

The Democrats have made another fatal error in their attempt to regain any power in the State of Ohio come November. The Democratic Party here in Ohio, along with outside influence from powerful party leaders like Sen. Chuck Schumer from New York have forced a viable candidate out of the Ohio Senate race. Paul Hackett is the kind of guy that the Dems need if they want to win anything this year. The man is a Marine Corps Reservist and is a veteran of the war in Iraq. He seems to be a political moderate and someone I believe this state could actually relate to in an election. Many people still dont know who he is, but he actually almost won a congressional seat last year during a special election in one of the most Republican parts of Ohio. Instead of having candidates like Hackett represent their party, the Democrats would rather let people like Sherrod Brown attempt to end the Republican's reign. This could not be more stupid. First of all Sherrod Brown is a Liberal, and his policies will never get him a majority of the moderate vote in this state. All one needs to do is look at the man's credentials for proof that he is a legislative failure. I live in Brown's 13th District, and right now it is a disaster. Jobs are leaving here at an unbelievable rate and Sherrod has been nowhere to be found.
Recently the Lorain Ford Plant, which has been a staple of the community for years, has completely shut down terminating thousands of jobs. During the whole ordeal I did not hear any kind of statement from Brown about the situation, which I do not understand. Sherrod Brown is as weak as they come on national defense and terrorism and his voting record proves it. At a time like this, he is not the kind of person I want representing my state in the Senate. Perhaps his only plus is his experience as a politician. I think he is a 7 term congressman and before that he was a big-wig in state politics. But that alone should not be what makes him a better candidate than Hackett. I personally would not vote for either one of them, Ill take Mike Dewine over both anyday of the week. However this just proves that the Democratic Party fails to understand the type of people it takes to win major elections in this country and they should not expect any success until they wise up.


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Scott said...

Hackett had no shot at winning against DeWine. Hackett has never held political office of any kind. No experience. Hackett is anything but moderate. I don't know anything about Brown (I do know enough that Brown had absolutely nothing to do with Ford shutting down its plant) but I know that Hackett is most likely more "liberal" than what you perceive Brown to be. Hackett had severe fund-raising issues from the start. He'd been in the race for months and only had $200,000 rasied (as of today Brown has something like $2.5 million). Why should the Dems in D.C. support a candidate that can't play ball in the big leagues? I never believed Hackett was the real deal--though I like his personal politics--but he never convinced me I should really dig deep and root for him. Also, Hackett has expressed displeasure with the Democratic party. He ran for the House bid against that no-good Jean Schmidt in an open seat in the Second District, almost won, and decides to run for Senate shortly thereafter....???? He failed at the house seat...so he thinks he's good enough for the senate? That guy's got some balls. If he was smart he would've vowed to go up against Schmidt from the get-go in a re-election battle--especially in the aftermath of her calling John Murtha a coward on the house floor.

As for Brown. I don't know much about him. As for DeWine--his seat is vulnerable (he's actually crossed party lines a few times recently--notably on same-sex marriages--and even his own ultra-conservative base is upset with him and is lacking support in his re-election bid).

With Hackett out, there will be no Democratic primary battle--just a straight Brown vs. DeWine battle. I think this will be a close vote, actually. It'll be interesting to see what happens.