Monday, February 20, 2006

Hackett Plays Hardball

Not even a week after being forced to withdraw from the Ohio Senate race, Democrat Paul Hackett is already attacking his fellow Democratic primary opponent, Congressman Sherrod Brown, saying that Brown's campaign was the main force behind the smear job that eventually made Hackett give up. Hackett, who is an Iraq war veteren, said that sources told him that Brown's campaign was making up lies about him to quickly get him out of the race, saying things like they had picture from the war where Hackett appearently was playing with the human remains of a casualty of the war. Hackett obviously denied these charges. Hackett said these things on the Hardball with Chris Matthews, letting a national audience know how nasty Sherrod Brown and his staff can be. I believe the more that Mr. Hackett talks about the way he was portrayed by Sherrod Brown, the more it will hurt Brown as we get closer to the election, so lets all hope he keeps up the good work.


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Scott said...

Brown's people have already denied the allegations.

Hackett is pathetic. I once really wanted to see him elected, but now I'm glad he's out. He wanted to get into politics to show how he's not a "career politician" and doesn't have a power-trip or anything--but that's exactly what he's on, a power trip. He's accusing the dems left and right (showing he has no party solidarity--if he wanted to fight the administration and voice his opinion making dems out to be the villian isn't the correct course of action to be taking).