Thursday, February 16, 2006

Muslim Cartoon Controversy

Look, I understand why the Muslim world is upset by these cartoons. I myself get angry when I see Jesus Christ depicted in an offensive way (which happens quite often actually). But aside from the actual cartoons it is the way that Arabs reacted to this that disturbs me the most. Responsible objection is absolutely justified in this case, and some have proven this as many Muslims peacefully protested in London over the weekend--thats fine. But throughout much of the Middle East, people have been taking part in huge, violent protests to these cartoons where flags are burnt and people are actually killed. All this does is make Arabs look like the agressors instead of the victims. These cartoons originated in Denmark and have subsequently been reprinted all over Europe to show solidarity with the the Dutch and their argument of free speech. Free speech is an intersting thing, and that is where the Muslim hypocracy lies. Arabs are upset with these cartoons, so they torch embassies, and destroy symbols of the West like Mcdonalds and KFC fast food joints. However, I dont see them protesting when the Iranian President says that Israel should be wiped off the globe or that the Holocaust was a myth...where the outrage? Or when a suicide bomber walks down the street and detonates himself killing woman and children...still no outrage. But when they are offended by the west, they go ballistic and prove that the Middle East is a ticking timebomb. They could have gotten sympothy if they would have protested respectfully and shown the world that these cartoons are wrong, but no, they overreact and burn the American and Israeli flags on the street when the US anad Israel had nothing to do with it to begin with, and worst of all I heard of newspapers in Iran having a contest for cartoons depicting the Holocaust. This situation just highlights the volatility there is between the Arab world and its Western counterpart. Muslim people have to realize that things might happen that they dont agree with, and if it does violence and agression arent always the answer. Both sides have blown this way out of proportion, but the political ramifications could be very dangerous if the violence continues.


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