Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dick Cheney Accidentally Shoots a Guy

Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a fellow hunter over the weekend while hunting quail. The man who got shot is 78 year old Harry Whittington who is reportedly "alert and doing fine." A spokesperson for the VP said he was in the hospital with Whittington and his wife on Sunday afternoon. Evidentally this was all just an accident when Cheney, not seeing Whittington, sprayed him with shotgun pellots which hit him in the right cheek, neck and chest. This all happened on Saturday February 11th and this story is still develping...

I suggest you read the whole story at:


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Scott said...

Brad- hey it's Scott from CSU. This is what my away message read after I heard about Cheney shooting a guy:

"dick cheney friggin' shot a guy while he was quail hunting.

i knew that the bush administration was a joke--but i didn't know that it was straight out of The Wedding Crashers"