Saturday, February 25, 2006

In The News This Weekend

Here are some of the headlines this weekend that interest me:

Iraqi Government puts a curfew into effect and also bans travel in Baghdad to quell violence started this week after a mosque was damaged. People are now saying this could start a Iraqi civil war. Story by AP.

The Bush Administration is defending the sale of 6 US ports to the United Arab Emirates. This has caused controversy withing the Republican Party. The sale is now under review to assure the US that it wouldnt increase a risk of terrorism via the ports. Story by Breitbart.

The 2006 winter Olympics in Turino come to a close. The US team is currently 2nd in total medals with 25, 9 gold, 9 silver, and 7 bronze. Germany is in first place with 29. See all medal totals at My Way.

Al-Qaeda claimed responsibility for an attempted terror attack that targeted an oil facility in Saudi Arabia. Luckily the attack was unsuccessful, however crude oil prices still rose more than $2 Friday because of feas of further attacks. Story by the BBC.

Three Arab men who were arrested for having ties to terrorits appear to have been linked to the Muslim charity known as KindHearts. Items from the charity were found in the homes of the men, and the Treasury Dept. has frozen the financial assests of the charity. Story by


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