Tuesday, February 14, 2006

San Francisco=Anti America

I just got done watching Hannity and Colmes on Foxnews and what I saw shocked me. The segment aired because the city of San Francisco will not let a World War II battleship, the USS Iowa, to sit on its shores as a memorial to what that ship and its sailors did during that war to protect our freedom. Many of the men who manned that ship during the war are converging on San Fran in anger because the decision was made as a protest to the US military. The man they interviewed who argued in favor of keeping the ship out of the city went on to say that the United States should have no military! He said that many people feel this way in the city and they will not allow this ship to be there because it is a symbol of war. I couldnt believe my eyes as Alan Colmes, who is the liberal anchor on the show, was enraged that this man would say that the US should completely get rid of the military. Colmes also said he hoped that Americans will not think that all Democrats feel this way. When asked how we would protect ourself without a military the man replied we will just use our police forces to protect us.
Obviously what this man said was completely obsurd, but the scary thing is that most people who live in the San Francisco area actually atune to this logic. You want proof, last November, San Francisco residents voted on a measure that would ban military recruiters from schools in the area, as you might guess it passed overwhelmingly which is a disgrace. Even ultra-liberal California Senator Dianne Feinstein supported letting the USS Iowa sit on the waters off the San Fran coast, and she also made it so the city would not have to pay one red cent. But unfortunetly, people like the clown on Hannity and Colmes have final say and are more than willing to undermind our military to make a political point. This type of disrespect for our military today is bad enough, but to do it to WWII veterans who faught with such dignity and courage is just pathetic, and I personally do not consider anyone who agrees with this to be a true American.



Scott said...

I agree.

I watched Hannity & Colmes once...and what I saw certainly did shock me.

Scott said...

Maybe you're just Anti San Francisco. JK of course. Just a thought.