Monday, February 20, 2006

Election of 2006: Ohio's 13th District

Ill start with the 13th district since that is where I live. Many...and I mean many people from both party's are looking to win Sherrod Brown's newly vacant seat. Ok here we go...on the Democratic side we have:
Capri Cafaro, Norbert Dennerll Jr., Daniel Goulder, Bill Grace, Gary Kucinich, Micheal Lyons, Tom Sawyer (not the author), John Schira, Betty Sutton, and John Wolfe.
Now for the Republicans we've got:
Ruth Nader Abboud, Paul Burtzlaff, Anthony Cirino, Charles Delorean, Craig Foltin, Laurence Jaycox Jr., David Mcgrew, and Joe Ortega.

Now, obviously most of these people will start to drop out probably within the next couple of months. It is still too early for me to tell you who the front runners are for each party, but Ill get to the bottom of it soon enough. I put links to the candidates websites for those who have them up and running if you want to check out their positions on issues and things like that. This race should be very interesting without an incumbant up for re-election, and Ill be on top of it all the way until stay tuned.


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Scott said...

Tom Sawyer was the name of a character. Mark Twain was the author.