Saturday, February 11, 2006

Kanye Pest

If I had to make a list of the biggest A-holes in America, Kanye West would have to be in the top 5. He solidified his spot when in a recent interview he said that there should be a revised edition of the Bible because he thinks he should be in it. Here is the whole article from
Cocky rap star Kanye West is calling for a revised edition of the Bible because he thinks he should be a character in it.
The "JESUS WALKS" hitmaker who picked up three Grammy awards last night, feels sure he'd be a "griot", (West African Storyteller) in a modern Bible.
He says "I bring up historical subjects in a way that makes kids want to learn about them. Im an inspirational speaker."
"I changed the sound of music more than one time...for all those reasons, I'd be part of the Bible. Im definitely in the history books already."
Can this guy possibly be serious? I actually saw his performance at the Grammys and it wasnt even that great. He and Jaime Foxx, another guy who needs a reality check these days, rapped a couple of Kanye's bad songs while dressed up as drum majors with a marching band percussion section providinga backup beat. I love how these singers and actors think just because alot of people know who they are that they are entitled to some sort of historical status. They go to these award shows with egos bigger than the arena their sitting in just waiting to win so they can go up on stage and make their worthless little speech and cry because they never expected this to happen in a million years. During Kanye's performance, he actually made a threat, to whom I dunno, saying how he didnt win the grammy last year so he better get one this year. Well Kanye, your Biblical status is not etched in stone because you won THREE grammys...Jesus would be so proud. And on the upside, with his new awards now maybe Kanye's head will get big enough to make those squirrel-cheaks of his look normal!


Scott said...

I liked this post very much. Kanye West is whack, I agree.

CHRiSSY said...

OMGGGGGGG that was hilarious brad...i just wanted to inform you that i honestly laughed out loud :)