Sunday, February 12, 2006

GOP has early edge in '08

New polls done by Foxnews offer some pretty bad news for leading Democratic probables for their party's nomination for President in 2008. The poll focuses on two candidates from each party, Rudy Giuliani and John McCain on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton and John Kerry for the Democrats. The Results of the poll are as follows:
Among registered voters, Giuliani beats Clinton by 11 percentage points and Kerry by 19 points. McCain tops Clinton by 13 percentage points and Kerry by 20 points. These results are with past Foxnews results on these vote questions, with the only real change being a lessoning of support for Kerry.
I know it is still premature for any real prediction on the 2008 election, however these results along with other previous data could not make the Democrats optomistic with their chances. Hillary Clinton especially had a tough month with a poll released recently saying that 50% of Americans would not support her in any circumstance for President. I just hope the Republican Party does the right think in nominating Rudy Giuliani in 2008 because as of today, I do not think any Democrat could beat him.

I suggest you read the whole article at:,2933,184357,00.html


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Scott said...

After the GOP loses control of the Senate and/or House later this year, then we'll make another prediction about the 2008 presidential election.