Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Hardball in New Orleans


I watched most of the New Orleans Mayoral debate tonight on MSNBC, and Chris Matthews was one of the moderators. All Matthews seemed to care about is the federal government and Bush's response to the disaster. The entire thing was about Katrina, and I would say about 40% of the questions had to do with how the two candidates felt about George Bush. What that has to do with rebuilding the city is beyond me.

In fact, there really was not any substantive debate on actual policies that the men running might enact upon their election. Chris Matthews asked both candidates whether they approve or disapprove of President Bush's job performance. Now both candidates are Democrats, so Matthews has to be smart enough to know that they probably dont agree with the President on anything. Matthews even asked the candidates about his speech last night, and neither one watched it.

I feel bad for the people of New Orleans, at least the ones that are left. The debate tonight shows that neither candidate seems to have a plan to rebuild that city, and if they do, they were not able to talk about it since Chris Matthews was so obsessed with national politics. It really was pathetic, and Matthews did a disservice to the people of New Orleans who might vote in Saturdays election. Gotta love playing T-ball with Chris Matthews.


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