Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cavs Win 114-113 in OT


In particularly thrilling fashion, the Cavs beat the Wizards last night, in overtime mind you, 114-113. The game should never have even gone into overtime but Gilbert Arenas hit a 3-pointer from about 34 feet away at the end of regulation to tie it up, he really is an unbelieveable player. But, he will be watching the rest of the playoffs from his living room as the Cavs are advancing to the second round, for the first time since the '92-'93 season. By the way, Damon Jones, who made the winning shot in overtime, sat the bench the whole game only to come it with a few seconds left in OT to make the big shot, his only of the game. Crazy.

The bad news is, the Cavs now have to move on to play the Detroit Pistons, who are the best team in the Eastern Conference. On the upside however, if LeBron and company can take down Detroit, it should be smooth sailing until the Finals. I am curious to see how much the series with the Wizards will have taken out of the Cavs, it was an extremely well played serious on both parts, so I just hope that the Cavs are rested and ready for the tough challenge ahead.

Do the Cavs have a chance in this serious, absolutely, but it is a small one. Detroit is a great team with an amazing defense, something the Cavs lack. But Im hopeful, and Im sure as hell going to be watching this series every step of the way. GO CAVS!


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