Thursday, May 04, 2006

Bush Promises Veto on Spending


President Bush is obviously trying to appeal to his base by threatening to veto new appropriations legislation. Bush said he will not accept a bloated bill, and that if Congress tries to spend more than he is willing to green-light, he will veto it. President Bush as never used his veto power, and many feel his spending has gotten out of control. Well this is a good move for the President, and I hope he keeps his promise if Congress defies him.

"The Congress needs to hear me loud and clear: If they spend more than $92.2 billion plus pandemic flu emergency funds, I will veto the bill," Mr. Bush said in a speech to the American Council of Engineering Companies in Washington. "Its important for there to be fiscal discipline in Washington, D.C., if we want to keep this economy strong."

And strong it is.

In a speech that brought the White House back to basic conservative themes of tax cuts and controlled spending, Mr. Bush called Democrats "consistently wrong" on the economy and laid out an extensive case for Republican economic accomplishments. [source Washington Times]

Good for him. He needs to continue to tout this economy, because its the best thing going for him right now.


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