Wednesday, May 24, 2006

GOP Convention in Cleveland?


I was completely unaware of this, but Cleveland has entered a bid to host the 2008 Republican Convention! No city could benefit more from it than Cleveland, and we would be an amazing host.

Cleveland is one of just four cities to submit bids Monday to host the 2008 Republican National Convention, a five-day affair that begins Sept. 1. Before Cleveland can think about the 50,000 potential visitors, worldwide attention and a potential $100 million windfall for local businesses, the city must top New York City and two other metropolitan areas, Minneapolis-St. Paul and Tampa-St. Petersburg.

Regardless of your political preference, this could do wonders for our beloved city, and I just think it would be awesome. I concede that right now, it is a long shot for such an event to hit up C-town, but Im hopeful we can do it.

Ill keep you all posted.


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Ben said...

dan gilbert is a major republican so i dont know why he want the convention in the arena he controls