Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Adios Polipundit


I have decided after a very heated debate with myself (actually about 2 min) to take Polipundit off of my blogroll and not to endorse his site. The guy has really been pissing me, and alot of other people off lately with this obsession over the immigration issue. He basically slams President Bush, whom he now refers to as "El Presidente Arbusto", every single day. It really is like going to a very liberal blog rather than one which considers itself conservative.

And yesterday, Polipundit basically fired the guest bloggers who have been on his site for years because of their disagreement over immigrations. That is just ridiculous. So I hope all of you out there will follow suit and dump that site until he gets his act together, because right now polipundit it doing much more harm than good. Take him off your blogrolls. Thanks.


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