Friday, June 30, 2006

The Wall Street Journal Explains Itself


By now, everyone knows about the whole New york Times, LA Times, and Wall Street Journal bru-ha-ha over the publishing of a secret anti-terror measure even after the government had asked them not to do it. But finally, a single newspaper who ran the story is explaining itself with dignity. The Wall Street Journal is considered a much more conservative paper when compared to the likes of the New York Slimes, so many people were confused when they saw this story show up on their newspages. Also, many in the liberal media have bitched about the fact that those upset about the declassification of the SWIFT program have only blamed the New York Times and not the Wall Street Journal because of political bias.

Well, thats just not true. The WSJ does bare some responsibility for running the story. However, the New York Times deserves the brunt, because it was their reporting that leaked all the classified information and it was their editor who was called by numerous people inside the White House and members of congress including vocal war critic and resident looney Jack Murtha. The New York Times, on their own, decided to bypass everyone and go with the story because in their own distorted minds, they know whats best for this country. Since they went ahead with this mistake, a backlash has ensued that might have finally been the tipping point in the irresponsiblitiy of the mainstream media over the past five years.

As I said before, the Wall Street Journal is the first paper to express any sort of regret for publishing the story, and I for one take them at their word. You can read their explanation here, and I suggest you do because it gives a very good summary of all the events that lead up to the publishing of the story. By the way, the House of Representatives today passed a resolution 227-183 condeming the newsmedia for endangering the lives of Americans by their rogue reporting, and I hear the Senate is going to do something similar in the very near future. Its about time we take a stand America.