Thursday, June 15, 2006

Senate Panel OK's Flag Burning Amendment


The Senate Judiciary Committee passed 11-7 an proposed amendment to the Constitution that would outlaw burning Old Glory. The Bill will now head to the Senate floor for debate and an eventual vote.

Because this is a Constitutional amendment, it must be passed by 2/3 of the entire Senate. If it passes, it would be the 28th time the Constitution will be amended. I have heard that if all 100 senators vote on this bill, they will come up one vote short of the 67 needed. Why anyone would vote against this is beyond me. To most Americans, burning the flag is not freedom of speech, its hate speech. Any a-hole who lives within the borders of this nation that burns the flag should immediately be deported as far as Im concerned. I dont care where you send them, even if they were born here. I, and most others, dont want anyone who would burn such an important symbol of this country living here.

I cant wait to see the list of Democrats who vote against this thing, because it should be the typical suspects of Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, Biden, Feingold, and other American haters. The American people overwhelming hope this thing passes, because this law is loooooooooooooong overdue.



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