Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Bilbray Wins in Cali


In the only election that actually put somebody in congress yesterday, Republican Brian Bilbray defeated his Democratic counterpart 49% to 45%. The media was making a huge deal about this race because this is a very Republican District. It is the district that Duke Cunningham had to resign in because of his taking bribes, now hes in jail.

This race just proves to me that the GOP does have momentum going into the fall, and you cannot trust the media when it comes to polling because they had this race at a dead heat. Not to mention that Bilbray had a third party candidate taking votes from him also. But luckily he still won, because if he would have last the mainstream media would have had a freakin field day with this.

I am becoming more optomistic.

For more on this race go here and here and here.


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