Monday, June 12, 2006

New CNN Poll Out About Iraq


Ahhh CNN, just when I think they have some good news they still know how to spin it. They released a new poll today about the war in Iraq. The poll shows an improvement in public opinion for the war.

The poll found 43 percent of respondents said the war is going either very or moderately well, up from 38 percent in a March poll.

Fifty-four percent said they still believe the war is going either very badly or moderately badly, down from 60 percent in March.

And 55 percent said they believe the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq of 2003 was an error -- a figure unchanged from an April survey.

To no surprise, CNN headlined this story with "Poll: Most Still Think Iraq War A Mistake." Just thought Id let ya know.

See poll results -- PDF


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