Monday, June 26, 2006

Treason Doth Never Prosper


New York congressman Peter King is calling on the Bush administration to investigate and even prosecute those involved in the leaking of yet another important anti-terror measure. This isnt the first time its happened, and if nobody acts, it wont be the last. I agree 100% with congressman King that Congress must get involved in this, because it involves the security of every single American citizen. So far however, we have once again only heard tough talk from the President, who today called the printing of the article in the New York Times a "disgrace." President Bush is absolutely right, it is a disgrace, but it will be another disgrace if our government fails to protect itself against this out of control media.

I fully understand that we have freedom of the press in this country, and that is very important. The founding fathers were right to put that into the Bill of Rights, because in most cases, the media does hold people in power accountable, which is necessary. But even with the freedom of the press, there are still lines that must be drawn when it comes to what they can and cannot say, especially during a time of war. One must realize that the people who wrote and published this story did it for mostly political reasons. Anyone with half a brain can see that the NYT continuosly attempts to bash the president and his policies in their newspaper on a daily basis. And it has costed them much in the way of subscriptions over the past five years or so. But, those writers in NYC must be willing to put aside their political hatrid and realize what they are doing is extremely dangerous. The government repeatedly asked the NYT to not print this story, along with the one about the NSA wiretapping program, but in both cases they ignored those calls.

The government, who up till now, has given the press basically a free pass time and time again, has got to stand up to this growing bully. Legislation should be passed that says during a time of war, if the government asks a news organization not to print a story on information that is deemed top secret, they must do so or face criminal prosecution. Furthermore, those who originally leaked the info should be tried for treason, which carries a penalty a little on the stiff side if you know what I mean. If we continue to allow this to happen, we can never be safe, and thats the God's honest truth.

I sure hope that the Attorney General will persue this case, because what has been done is in violation of the law. I also hope that if, God forbid, the United States does see a terror attack on our soil in the near future, that people in this country lay the blame where it belongs, on the doorstep of the New York Times, LA Times and others, because are government is finally doing its job by tracking the enemy by any means necessary, while media outlets consistantly give the enemy our tactics because of a tyrannical political agenda. When are the American people finally going to rise up and say enough is enough. I sure hope this is it, because if it isnt, prepare to see the blood of innocent Americans spewed all over the streets of New York, Chicago, LA....


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Send Americans to occupy the New York Times building!