Friday, June 09, 2006

Should Blackwell Resign?


Ken Blackwell is getting hit by not only Democrats, but also much of the press in Ohio for not stepping down as Secretary of State during his bid to be Governor. I personally think he should step down, because if something would happen to go wrong in November with the vote, all hell will break loose and it wont benefit anyone.

Channel 19 News here in Cleveland has been all over this story, and have really been demonizing Blackwell lately. They gave Ted Strickland a pass for not showing up to an event in Columbus last week, where Blackwell did show, telling the audience it wasnt that big of deal. Im not exactly sure why the bias is there, but it is absolutely evident.

I hope that Blackwell will do the right thing and step down, but I doubt he will. But again, he should for the sake of us all because it is a conflict of interests.

Please leave me comments and let me know what you think about this issue, because I find this one veeeeeeery interesting.


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LargeBill said...

No, he should not resign. It would set a very poor precedent to decide that anyone serving as Secretary of a State need resign to avoid a potential accusation of conflict of interest.