Saturday, April 29, 2006

Rush Limbaugh Arrested


In perhaps the biggest example of political profiling Ive ever seen, Rush Limbaugh has been harrassed by a liberal Democrat prosecuter in Florida for years. But it is finally over now that Limbaugh was arrested, pleaded not guilty, and all charges were dropped.

They knew they had nothing on him, it was a witch hunt, even Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napalotano said that all of this was politically motivated. At least its over now, and Rush can get on with his life.



Scott said...

Nothing on him...except for the thousands of dollars he pays for presciption pills every week.

Not real prescriptions, mind you. He's nothing more than a feckless drug addict, the same type of people he rails on about all day. Rush Limbaugh is a real bag of dirt. I'd love to see his deaf-self wind up behind bars.

Scott said...
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