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At first I was skeptical about seeing the new movie about the flight that went down in Pennsylvania on 9/11. Re-enactments had already been made on TV by the Discovery Channel and I think A&E, plus like all Americans I already know the story. But from what I am hearing, I think im going to check out the new film version. Maybe seeing it on the big screen will really put what happened that day to those people into a new perpective. Dennis Prager on RealClearPolitics.com wrote a piece today that articulately describes why all Amerians should see the new film.
Universal invited me to see a preview, and unless they change it (or dont drop a few gratuitous, politically inspired words that appeared right after the film ends), I believe it is just about every Americans duty to see this film. There is no gratuitious violence -- if anything, Universal went out of its was to prevent us from seeing the reality of the throat-slashing of passengers and crew -- but there is unremitting tension and sadness, since we all know what will happen to these unsuspecting people, and we know this is real, not fiction.

There is also American heroism. People completely unprepared for an airplane flight to become their last hour alive rise to the occasion and save fellow Americans from death and from the humiliation of having their nationa's capital building destroyed.
The only people likely to object to this film are those who dont want Americans to become aware of just how conscienceless, cruel and depraved our enemy is, or thos who think that our enemies can always be negotiated with and therefore object to depicting Americans actually fighting back.
Thats a very good analysis. I understand that it costs a freakin fortune to go see a movie these days, but I think this one is worth it considering its significance to our nation. We should all honor the heroes aboard flight 93, as they saved this country from an unmeasureable physical and psychological catastrophe that would have made what had already taken place on 9/11 about 10 times worse. God Bless them.

On a lighter note...well kinda...Chinese President Hu Jintau will be in the United States this week to meet with President Bush and, of course, Bill Gates. I believe this is a very important trip for both countries. No one in America really knows if China is a friend or foe to the US. I mean they are a huge partner in free trade, but usually a disaterous one when it comes to foreign policy issues. On the Agenda during the summit will obviously be Iran. China is a huge supporter of the Iranian's and I heard they just signed a $100 billion contract to buy oil from the Mullahs. Here is a quick summary of the visit:
Hu has set an ambitious mission for his four-day U.S. tour, due to begin here Tuesday. It comes at a time of unease among American Businesses, political leaders and the public about how China is using its new power.
His summit Thursday with President Bush will cover a broad agenda -- from China's criticized currency and other trade policies, to its aggressive quest for oil and the developing nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea.

Im not sure if Im optomistic about progress being made on the Iran issue during this visit. I hope that President Bush can convince Mr. Hu that the Iranians are wack-jobs, but im not sure thats possible. China has a lot of political weight, especially with their vote in the UN security council, so having them on our side on this issue could be an enourmous plus. Will it happen though? Im thinkin not. [source ap]

And finally today, a story that is just ridiculous, and kinda funny too. A Indian -- from India -- grad student at Purdue University was arrested for threatening to kill President Bush, Laura Bush, Dick Cheney, and Don Rumsfeld. Evidentally this idiot posted the threats on an internet discussion board. His scumbag lawyer is saying that this guys threats should be covered by the first amendment of the Constitution saying his client would never have actually carried out the attack. Im guessing this lawyer is a liberal, because that just sounds like something a liberal would say.
In various messages posted, Buddhi urged the Web site's readers to bomb the United States and for them to rape American and Britisih women and mutilate them, according to court documents. Other messages called for the killing of all Republicans.

One of the best things about Bush being president is the fact that it really brings out the loonies living among us in our society. I hope this moron goes to jail for along time, then when he gets out they should send his butt airmail back to India. "Kill all Republicans," just hilarious! [source post-trib]

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