Thursday, April 20, 2006


Democrats are Hypocrits

Before I get to the Dems I want to comment on the new "shake up" going on inside the White House. The press is making far to big a deal out of all this. Press Secretary Scott McClellan is stepping down from his post after almost three years. Trust me, putting up with the White House Press Corps. for that long would drive any person from the job. I dont know exactly why McClellan is stepping down, but getting someone new to this job will probably be a good thing. I did think he did a good job though. A number of replacements have already been suggested, including Foxnews anchor and radio host Tony Snow.

McClellan announced his resignation yesterday by saying this:
Mr. President, it has been an extraordinary honor and privilege to have served you for more than seven years now, the last two and nine months as your press secretary.
The White House is going through a period of transition. Change can be helpful. And this is a good time and good position to help bring about change.
Im ready to move on. Ive been in this position a long time. And my wife and I are excited about beginning the next chapter in our life together.
You have accomplished a lot over the last several years with this team. And I have been honored and grateful to be a small part of a terrific and talented team of really good people.
Our relationship began back in Texas, and I look forward to continuing it, particularly when we are both back in Texas.

McClellan's departure was not the only move announced by the White House yesterday, Karl Rove will also be put into a new rold. Karl will no longer be involved in the day to day policy decision of the White House, he instead will begin focusing on the November mid-term elections. He will however retain his post as Deputy Chief of Staff to the president. I think having Rove coordinate the election this year is exactly what the Republican Party needs. We need a voice like we have had in that past few elections, and Karl Rove is the political genious needed.

"Karl Rove is a great guy in terms of developing issues for a campaign, but hes not done well on advocating policy in the governance setting," said James A. Thurber, the director of the Center for Congressional and Presidential Studies as the School of Public Affairs at the American University. "The job is diminished, but he probably doesnt mind that. Hes a racehorse in a campaign."

I would agree that Rove has not done particularly well guiding the presidents domestic policy. I do not believe that is what his strong point is. He is a strategist, and he is the very best. With him helping the GOP in November, I can breath a small sigh of relief, but more work is needed to ensure we dont see a catastrophe on election day. [source new york times]

Now on to the hypocritical Democrats. I must say that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid is not the smartest politician in the world, and Republicans must thank our lucky stars that he is in charge. In the run up to the Iraq war, and even three years into the campaign, the Democrats complain about how President Bush ignored the world and went into Iraq without a strong international coalition. Firstly, that premise is false considering the coalition in Iraq was at one point made up of more than 30 countries. So evidentally the term "world community" is only a small subset of countries that the Democrats see fit to be allies. Anyways, now with the barrel of the gun pointed toward Iran, you would expect the Democrats to praise the president for letting the Europeans and other take the forefront in attepting to negotiate some sort of peace deal with the insane Iranians to avoid another war. Well once again the Democrats will surprise you by spewing utter nonsence simply trying to gain political ponts. Here is your evidence:

The Bush Administration is relying to heavily on other countries in the international effort to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons, according to Sen. Harry Reid.
Reid, D-Nev., said the administration should be taking the lead, but instead is relying on Germany, France, and Great Britain to convince Iran to end its uranium enrichment program.
"It is hard to comprehend," Reid said Tuesday in Reno. "We should be involved at trying to arrive at a diplomatic solution...Not just these three countries."

Ok I really dont know what the hell this guy is talking about. I guess, he now wants the US to act in unilateral negotiations with the Iranians, without the help of our supposed allies in Europe. I would imagine if asked, Reid would say we need to be tough with Iran, but Im also sure that would be dead-set against using the military to end their nuclear ambitions. If anyone out there can make sense of all this and tell me what it is exactly the Dems want to do with Iran please....pleaaaaaaaase let me know. This is just reason number 2313412 that these people cannot win elections. They have no idea what they are doing and they have no plan to resolve any of this nations problems. Harry Reid is a hypocrit. [source ap]

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