Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Harry Reid Not Liked Back Home


Democratic Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid is losing support in his homestate of Nevada because of his increasingly liberal politics.
Reid's national stature among activist Democrats, concentrated on the blue-state coasts, carries risks for him at home, analysts say. His consistent opposition to President Bush and his need to mollify the liberals in his party is costing him in Nevada, where polls show he has lost support since becoming minority leader.
Although Reid, who won re-election in 2004 and still has four years in his term, said in an interview that he pays no attention to polls, his actions in Nevada during the two-week Easter recess suggested that he is keenly aware of his vulnerabilities. He spoke to groups that carry at least a patina of conservatism - chambers of commerce, police and firefighters, religious groups, military men and women, district attorneys. [source las vegas sun]

The reason the man's poll numbers are down is because he is a hypocrite and the things he stands of hurt the country. He is the one who cheered himself for "killing the Patriot Act." Reid is just more evidence why the Democratic Party is so weak today, and lets hope it stays that way.


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Scott said...

How do you think Bill Frist's poll numbers are doing?