Thursday, July 27, 2006

Why Bolton Should be Confirmed


I was just reading a story on CNN that was headlined this way: "Democrats: Bolton Still A Bully." It really is laughable. Today, Mr. Bolton went before a Senate committee to be permanently assigned the U.S. ambassador to the worthless United Nations. When John Bolton was first nominated last year by President Bush, many people had their reservations about the man. Even GOP Senator George Voinovich sided with Democrats in opposing Bolton's nomination. But in the short time he's been in New York, I believe that most American's would agree that he has done a great job trying to push the United Nations to do anything constructive, including Voinovich by the way who says he will support Bolton this time around. Obviously, he cannot do it alone. He is only one small piece in a large organization of appeasers and terrorist sympothizers. Bolton was criticized last year for being to brash, and having a bit of an attitude problem. Those are exactly the reasons I supported him, and also the reasons he has been successful thus far.

The Democrats would rather have somebody representing the US over there who are more intouch with their diplomatic beliefs, which are negotiate with anybody and everybody all the time. Democrats will threaten to use force and action all day long, but they will never back it up, never. Proof of this was evident today, when Democrats called Bolton a bully. They must not have gotten the memo that a bully is exactly what we need in the UN. The UN has been impotent for years, especially during the Clinton years when Billy relied on them for everything, and nothing got done unless the United States took the lead.

The prolems involving the UN will not stop even with John Bolton in there representing the United States. Then only way to reform that organization is to get Kofi Annan's butt out of there. Luckily, I believe Annan's term as Secretary General will expire by the end of this. While I have not decided on who I would like his successor to be, one name I like currently is Tony Blair. Im getting ahead of myself. The bottom line is that we need John Bolton in the UN, especially with all the crap going on as we speak in the Middle East. I fully expect him to be confirmed in the very near future, even with the whiney Democrats complaining about how meaaaaaaaan he is. Somebody call the wahhh-mbulance.

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