Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Ya know what is just precious, when the pot calls the kettle black. Allow me to digress. Remember a few years back when the lead singer of the Dixie Chicks said she was ashamed of the President while giving a concert in Britain which costed her and her band mates their careers? And then remember how they came back this year after being in hiding to release an album that had only one single, which once again was supposed to be a shot at the President and conservatives? I think its safe to say that their career choices up till now have not been exactly lucrative, since they cant even put together a tour in the United States. Once again, the Chicks just cannot learn to shut their mouths. It unbelievable really how dumb these three are. Just amazing.

They evidentally have a documentary coming out soon. Yay! Now who in the hell would want to watch a movie about the Dixie Chicks? If you raised your hand, you need to get a life. And Im serious about that. In this documentary, there apparently is a part where the DC's are shown a clip of President Bush discussing all their hoop-la and their reaction is puuuuure gold.

In one memorable scene, Maines watches news footage of the president being interviewed about the furor that followed the singer's on-stage comment that she was "ashamed the President of the United States is from Texas," which resulted in the group being dropped from most radio stations, as well as protests and plummeting sales. "The Dixie Chicks are free to speak their mind," Bush told Tom Brokaw at the time, adding, "They shouldnt have their feelings hurt because some people dont want to buy their records when they speak out. You know, freedom is a two-way street."

After watching the footage, Maines repeats the president's comment about how the group shouldnt have their "feelings hurt," incredulous, and then says, "What a dumb f---." She then looks into the camera, as if addressing Bush, and reiterates, "You're a dumb f---."

How nice. I gotta tell you, if I was the other two girls in the band, I would seriously be about ready to strangle that idiot. She has single-handedly ruined their careers. I just dont understand how somebody could be so stupid. If she thinks Bush is dumb, maybe she should look at her own pathetic situation. I mean if you want an analogy, the DC's are a musical equivilant to Maurice Clarett. They were on top of the world three years ago, now they cant even play a concert in most US cities and many radio stations wont even play their music. Now I ask you, whose the real dumb f---?


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