Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cleveland Rocks the RNC

A Pictorial

Here are a few pictures I shot last night at the ROCKIN THE RNC party at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was a hell of a good time, and a lot of big names showed up for the event. Now, without further adue, here are the pics:

This was a shot of the Rock Hall as we were walking up to it. The outside decorations were not as elaborate as I would have liked, but it still looked pretty good.

This is Don King posing with a friend of a friend of mine. Ya gotta love Don King just because of how much the man loves his country. Evidentally he is a diehard Republican, and also a Clevelander. I dont know how much his presence will help us land the convention, but it was still cool of him to show up.

That there is the stage inside the Rock Hall. If you look closely you can see a guy talking at a podium. There also was various singers and entertainers who wow'ed the crowd throughout the night from that there stage. The entertainers were better than I expected to be honest, even though it wasnt my type of music.

This is just a random picture I took from inside the Hall. I thought it was cool with the city in the backround.
Above is about the extent of the outside decorations which I mentioned earlier. Even up close, its not so great.
I thought this was pretty cool. You cant really beat a 12 foot elephant while being around hundreds of fellow Republicans. The elephant was a good touch.

And finally here is a picture I snapped of myself without knowing that balloon was directly over my big head. It really looks like Im balancing a ball there, but Im not. Awesome.

Overall I think it was a great night. I hope that the committee who will ultimately decide who gets to host the convention was impressed, because they should be. Cleveland has many venues, like the Rock Hall, that no other city has. I heard that they could make their final decision earlier than the previously believed deadline of December or January, but it still probably wont be before the November elections. Getting the convention here in 2008 would be great for our city, just ask Democratic Mayor Frank Jackson, who showed up last night and gave a speech. I think having this bipartisan support is a huge plus for our city. With the road to the White House truly running through Ohio, Cleveland is the only logical choice for the RNC in 2008. Lets show the world why we are the best location in the nation.


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